Social Events

As well as the events one would usually associate with a scrabble club, the Club has held or participated in events of a social nature.

The table below gives links to in-depth comments on the events

Dancers Tea Dance In 2015, in conjunction with Silver Surfers and Tai Chi, the club hosted a Tea dance. This Tea Dance marked the first event staged for the Friends of Purley Barn group.
Dancers Eggheads In 2013 the Club entered a team into the BBC2 television programme Eggheads. The link gives details of the experience of the day. Note that no reference is given with regard to the result of the show or of elements from the show itself. That detail will be added when the programme is broadcast, probably some time in 2014
Garden Open Garden In 2013, we opened up the Valley View garden to the public as part of our charity fundraising activities
Dancers Tea Dance In 2012, as part of Purley on Thames's village celebrations to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the club hosted a Tea dance